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Is “DNUG” the only user group with a focus on HCLSoftware products and solutions? No, not at all, there are a whole series of user groups around the world dealing with HCLSoftware topics.

The term “user group” is lived and interpreted in different ways. While most user groups organize a conference once a year, we as DNUG offer our members a program all year round. If you like, you can visit one of our events every month somewhere in DACH.


Engage is a User Group with a focus on HCL Software Digital Solutions.
We’ve been organizing yearly face-to-face events for 15 years, with a worldwide attendance. All our 60+ sessions are in English by expert speakers.
Our goal is: “lmprove the interaction between users of HCL Digital Solutions such as Domino and Connections and facilitate the dialog between users and HCL & their partners”.

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Let’s Connect

Let’sConnect is the lnternational HCL Collaboration user group. Their history started in 2011 as Social Connections user group and later transformed into LetsConnect in 2015. They met once or twice a year and do webinars in between. Their 1-2 day events are mostly business focused with keynote, strategy sessions, captivating breakout sessions. Their events also include a Social Evening with extra specials where socialising is the focus.

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Let’s Connect Nordics

Let’sConnect Nordics is a brand-new user group born in the Nordics in Europe. They focus on customers and partners in the Nordic region and will throw annual events in each Nordic country. Topics are HCLSoftware Digital Solutions portfolio. Audience has a large customer attendance, alongside with Nordic business partners.


SUTOL is a Czech (and also Slovak) HCL Digital Solution user group since 2008. We organize two events in Praque very year: SUTOL Symposium in May and SUTOL Technical Conference in November. Occasionally we run smaller SUTOL Cafe in Brno or online events called SUTO Cafe online. The group operates in the local language, but guest speakers deliver their speeches in English on regular basis.

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DominoHub is a Japanese user group focusing on HCLSoftware Digital Solutions portfolio. Their last event had 228 attendees and 125 companies attending.

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Notes Consortium

The philosophy of Notes is also the philosophy of the Notes Consortium. Exchange and accumulate a variety of knowledge and know-how related to Notes and share it with our members. The philosophy of the Notes Consortium is the same as the concept of Notes itself: creating new value through information sharing. The Notes Consortium is an organization whose purpose is to widely popularize Notes/Domino as a groupware standard.

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DXers is a community-led initiative for users, developers, and administrators of HCL DX and its associated products. lt offers a collaborative environment for professionals to share experiences, gain knowledge, and connect over HCL Digital Solutions. This platform is dedicated to fostering learning and sharing practical insights, making it an invaluable resource for those engaged with HCL’s technology offerings.


The Dominopoint community was born in 2002 as a blog and forum supporting ltalian users with thousands of news articles & technical tips. ln 2007 to 2016 we held our first live event. Currently we continue to publish articles tech & news for the ltalian audience.

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User Group in Canada focused on HCL Collaboration tools. This version of the user group has been going since 2016. We started with in-person events but have now transitioned to entirely online content, focused on YouTube and have produced over 135 videos in that time. The videos include conference reviews, how-to videos, product reviews and training material on how to use HCL Software products and tools.

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Our mission at CollabSphere is to bring HCL users together to help build and share knowledge. Since 2019, CollabSphere events have been held as both in-person and virtual events. All CollabSphere committee participants are community members who donate their time and resources to help organize the events.

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South Africa User Group

SALUG is a South African user group arranging meetings for the local market. They have also co-organized a Domino Jam.


ESLUG is a Spanish user group focusing on amplifying HCLSoftware news to the local market translated into Spanish. Their blog is well visited in the area.

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The Open Source Community for Collaboration Solutions.
Our Mission is to support the open source projects hosted at OpenNTF.Org.
We provide the framework to develop open source applications which may be freely distributed

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