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About DNUG

Since its foundation in 1994, DNUG has established itself on the market – by constant professionally evaluative communication – as a force to be reckoned with and as a competent partner for dialogue. DNUG considers enterprise collaboration as one of the pillars of modern corporate management.

Our mission

The user community’s objective is to promote the best possible utilization of the installed platform. In order to achieve this, DNUG

  • is in close contact and constant communication with the manufacturer
  • facilitates exchange of experiences, knowledge and transfer of know-how
  • organizes conferences and other events
  • operates a networking platform for clients, business partners and universities
  • supports the young collaboration experts by means of the university Initiative

DNUG is committed to the benefit of its members. Therefore, a code of conduct is imposed on all DNUG bodies which takes into account the nonprofit character of the association and prevents abuse.

An essential part of DNUG’s organization is based on the specialist groups founded in 2016. They organize workshops and prepare the contents of the annual conference.

DNUG Management Board: Daniel Reichelt, Matthias Weichhold, Dr. Verena Hausmann and Jürgen Kringe (left to right)

Our management board

The tasks of the joint management board comprise the collaboration with HCL, the organization of conferences and events, the development of strategies and cooperations, and acquiring new members. Furthermore, the members of the management board have their special tasks within DNUG:

Daniel Reichelt

Owner and Executive Director at SynCoTec Software as a Service & Consulting e.K. in Köln

Responsibilities within DNUG: Finance, support of specialist groups, members, conferences

Dr. Verena Hausmann

Speaker of the Vice President for Research, Transfer, Internationalization and Digitalization at the University of Koblenz-Landau

Responsibilities within DNUG: Association law, finances, members, universities and YOUNG DNUG

Jürgen Kringe

Team Lead IT at Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnologie IPT in Münster

Responsibilities within DNUG: Support of specialist groups, marketing, members, support of partners and sponsors

Matthias Weichhold

Product Manager Groupware at Fiducia & GAD IT AG in Karlsruhe

Responsibilities within DNUG: Association law, marketing, members, collaboration with HCL

Our FOCUS groups

Specialist groups represent an essential part of the DNUG. Every specialist group has an organization team of a max. 5 DNUG members, including the specialist group leader and a mentor. The organization team is responsible for:

  • organizing at least one one-day event per year
  • the track management at the annual conference
  • conducting at least one online meeting per year
  • the placement of topics in regional groups and at roundtables
  • the community management within the DNUG cloud
  • participation in regular specialist group meetings

The Specialist groups organize themselves through Connections Communities and Instant Messenger groups. General questions and suggestions can be directed to

DNUG Domino

The Domino group is mainly concerned with Domino, Notes, Verse On-Premises, Volt and Nomad. We are particularly interested in the “product-specific strategy of the manufacturer HCL” and the “technical administration (installation, configuration, security, performance, etc.)” of the products.

In addition to the internal communication within the section and the entire DNUG, we also offer a dedicated “track” at the annual DNUG conference, a separate “Domino Day” and various webcasts per year to our members and those who will want to provide with the current and important information.

Group Lead: Christoph Adler
HCL Sponsor: Matthias Schneider

DNUG Connections

The Connections group is committed to placing the theme of Connections within the DNUG. Both technically interested and the business on customer, manufacturer and business partner side through different channels (online meetings, conferences etc) are brought together to understand current requirements and in the best sense of DNUG To address and implement members.

Group Lead: Andreas Weinbrecht
HCL Sponsor: Martti Garden

DNUG Sametime

In the Sametime group, communication topics are discussed, for example interactive media such as Sametime / Chat / Meeting and Instant Messengers, as well as voice and video integration scenarios and more.

Group Lead: Carsten Gericke
HCL Sponsor: Erik Schwalb

DNUG Administration

The administration group would like to deal with pure administration topics with an eye towards deployment. We also consider the administration interfaces in Domino (Verse, Notes), Connections and Communications (Sametime) products. The section need further support. Everyone who wants to work, discuss, help and support is welcome.

Group Lead: Marc Thomas
HCL Sponsor: Andreas Zapke

DNUG Development

The development group would like to introduce and deepen development topics. These can be cross-product development trends. Product-specific topics are also discussed and promoted in cooperation with the relevant specialist groups. Who wants to support us here, is always welcome!

Group Lead: Peter Enste
HCL Sponsor: Andreas Schulte

DNUG Mobile

The Mobile group deals with all topics related to Enterprise Mobility: Mobile work with Apps Verse, Connections, Connections Chat, Traveler as well as Mobile Device & Application Management.

Group Lead: Detlev Pöttgen
HCL Sponsor: Stefan Neth