“We converge the user experience in one stream”

Part 2: Interview with Barry Rosen, HCL Senior Regional Director – Products and Platforms

What are the strategic goals for Notes/Domino Version 11?

The things we focus on are modernization, total cost of ownership (TCO) and user experience. Version 11, first and foremost, will bring the Notes client with a brand-new user interface (UI) to the customers. We’re also have to do a lot of backend catch up work on the Notes client. For example, for this still being a 32-bit client, we will bring it to 64-bit.

We will also release a beta of a thin client this year that is based on the Verse UI and the Nomad backend. One key point here is that this will be distributed through app stores like the Apple or Windows app stores. We will give administrators the ability to control updates so that they can use the auto update functionality. It’s the same what Microsoft does to their office suite which is auto updated once it’s deployed. We are targeting early 2020 for a general availability release (GA) of that thin client.

What other changes can we expect?

We are looking to deprecate iNotes so that V11 will probably be the last release where we support iNotes. Our target by the end of 2019 is to have a feature parity between the cloud and on-prem version. We won’t have a hundred percent parity between those two but we’re going to implement every feature that were requested from the users like mail rules, color coding and all of those archive topics.

We also want to give a preview for Verse on mobile soon. With that you can open your Verse browser on a mobile device and access your mail and calendar through a browser with having the same Verse UI that you have on cloud and on prem.

What is the idea behind that?

The long-term goal here is to converge the user experience in one stream so we don’t have so many UIs and so many clients anymore. For that we are going to reuse the modern Verse UI on the lightweight client and on the mobile device via browser. We would also like to deprecate the IOS version so the users have a consistent experience across all devices with the same UI and same functionalities everywhere.

Which plans do you have for the server side?

For Domino TCO is a big thing. That means that we want to reduce the costs of running the whole infrastructure. Also, we are working on directory sync with active directory. Another exciting topic is the pub sub which will open up Notes and Domino to the integration with other systems in terms of alerting when things are occurring.

There are still some leftovers from the “old” manufacturer, right?

Yes, and like everything else it’s got to get white washed. We got to get rid of the IBM Java on the server side and open up the system for open APIs. Another feature will be the recall of the delayed mail. In V10 we introduced the delayed mail, in V11 we will have the capability to recall the message that you sent for delay.

How about the integration of other solutions?

From our perspective we can code the directory syncing functionality with the Microsoft products for example. We are looking at integrating a third-party functionality so we can do a free time lookup at those services and other Notes/Domino shops that are outside your domain.

From a client view we are looking at extension points and the ability to customize and add the file source you want. We open these extension points where anyone can play nice with us.
We are also going to integrate the open S3 protocol, that AWS, Microsoft and other vendors are using so that you can put your objects on S3 storage in the cloud. Anyone that uses those protocols will be able to store the objects in their cloud servers.

And then also, once we get Connections and other tools integrated in Portal and we start putting out new releases of that you’ll start seeing better and tighter integration into those products as well.

Thank you for your time.

In part one we were talking about the strategic goals of HCL Technologies.


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