„One of the most innovative collaboration and communication suites“ – Tom Petrocelli auf CMSwire

Einige Zitate aus einem hervorragenden Beitrag zur IBM Connect von Tom Petrocelli auf cmswire:

… IBM announced and demonstrated what could be one of the most innovative collaboration and communication suites. The next generation collaboration suite will combine all of a knowledge worker’s and team’s collaboration tools and conversations, in one place.

… The integration with IBM Watson, the cognitive computing platforms, will offer big gains in productivity by automating the retrieval of information. ….

Even better, Watson is the foundation of a smart personal assistant. Unlike conventional personal assistants such as Cortana, Siri or Google Now, Watson analyzes content within communications to automate common processes. It can look at an email, for example, and extract an implicit task request.

Source: Time for IBM to Stage an Intervention? #IBMConnect

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