Specialist groups

Specialist groups represent an essential part of the DNUG. They organize workshops and the content of the annual conference. Every specialist group has an organization team of a max. six DNUG Members, including the specialist group leader, his/her substitute and an IBM mentor.

The organization team is responsible for

  • organizing at least one one-day event per year
  • the track management on the annual conference
  • implementing at least two online meetings per year
  • placing topics in regional groups and at roundtables
  • the community management within the DNUNG Cloud and
  • participation in activists meetings every two months

The following specialist groups exist:

Verse und Notes/Domino
Social Collaboration
Cognitive Computing

Stakeholder Groups

Stakeholder groups do not have fixed structures and therefore no organizational form. They are formed by sharing the interest profiles of the entirety of members.

Customers and Internal Service Providers
Business Partner
Universities and YoungDNUG